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Empire Homes Ltd.

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Empire Homes Ltd.
Wes Carroll
Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 0V3 | toll-free
403-894-5454 | phone

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Empire Homes Ltd.

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11 months ago
Xenia &Mike Diakow , an Anonymous Member,  wrote:
Empire Homes did an awesome job on our ensuite renovation. We were very impressed with their work from tare down to finished project. The crew were polite and professional throughout the job. Design help was definitely top notch. We recommend Empire Homes and would certainly use them again.

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1 year ago
Arnel and Joyce Joevenazzo , an Anonymous Member,  wrote:
We feel we were very lucky to have had Empire Homes do a renovation of our home. The front bay window needed extensive work. So, basically, they worked out how to use our current “exterior and interior” structures while bringing in new Triple Pane windows. Then, they replaced our old garden doors with new Triple Pane window/ doors as well.

The Empire Team was “awesome”! They consulted with us before, during, and after the renovation was completed to make sure we were happy and the renovation had the effect we had wanted. We had a Master carpenter and the involvement of an Interior Designer. This team did their jobs with precision and pride!

We would recommend Wes Carroll and the team of Empire Homes to do any renovation for any person who needs something done. They did the "complete job” from the removal of the existing structure and transport to the landfill. To replacement, insulation, painting, and making the renovation look beautiful - both Inside and Out.

We were very pleased with our renovation - it has exceeded our expectations! Our rooms are now very warm and have decreased outside noise significantly.

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1 year ago
Phil and Barb Forchuk , an Anonymous Member,  wrote:
Our experience with Empire Homes was extremely satisfying and we are thrilled with our kitchen renovations. Everyone was very professional, efficient and the work was completed on schedule. They did an excellent job in a timely fashion and at a fair price. We would highly recommend Empire Homes to future customers!

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